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Food is Medicine South Carolina

A Committee of the South Carolina Food Policy Council


The purpose of convening is to improve coordination among organizations working on healthy eating initiatives in health care settings in South Carolina.



Members represent different sectors including, state government, nonprofit organizations, higher education, health systems, and health care providers in South Carolina. 



  • Provide resources for health care and community partners.

  • Create a consistent brand for Food is Medicine South Carolina messaging for all member partners to use.

  • Develop and deliver educational information to health care staff and patients.

  • Encourage and facilitate the scaling up of food insecurity screenings and referrals statewide, with an emphasis on rural and under-resourced communities.

  • Commit to health equity by addressing structural barriers that inhibit healthy food access.

  • Develop a sustainability plan for Food is Medicine South Carolina.



  • Update subcommittee purposes and objectives

  • Develop short- and long-term strategies to carry out our objectives

  • Continue to expand membership


Interested in joining a Food is Medicine South Carolina meeting?

The full Committee will meet quarterly in 2022.

Click on a meeting date to register for the Zoom meeting.

February 24, 2022

May 26, 2022

August 25, 2022

December 13, 2022


Each subcommittee has a leader or co-leaders, and has a recurring meeting time beginning in January 2022.

Food Insecurity Screenings and Referrals

Meets 10-11am every other month on the third Monday

Leaders: Zack King & Liz Walsh

Nutrition Education for Health Professionals

Meets 9-10:30am every other month on the second Wednesday

Leaders: Dr. KC Head Dana Mitchel

Produce Prescription 

Community of Practice

Meeting times vary

For more information, contact Zack King

Food is Medicine Map

Meets 3-4pm first Thursday of the month

Leader: Sabrina Smith

Research and Evaluation

Meets 10-11am second Tuesday of the month

Leader: Carrie Draper

Interested in joining or learning more?

For more information about the Food is Medicine South Carolina Committee or how to join a meeting, please contact Amy Weaver.