The University of South Carolina (UofSC) SNAP-Ed team is partnering with communities throughout South Carolina to start and sustain local food policy councils. Food Policy Councils bring together diverse stakeholders to offer recommendations for changing policy, systems, and environments in order to make the food system more equitable and accessible for people on a low-income.

Council Formation

The UofSC SNAP-Ed team will provide assistance throughout the council formation process with particular focus on recruitment strategies, equity and inclusion, and council sustainability.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

You will receive ongoing training and technical assistance on food policy council development best practices including conducting Community Food Assessments and Food Gatherings, identifying strategic areas of focus, forming policy recommendations, and suggesting implementation strategies.

Group Meeting

Support for Existing Food Policy Councils

In addition, the UofSC SNAP-Ed team supports existing councils in facilitating the adoption of PSE changes and sustainability plan development.


As local councils continue to develop throughout South Carolina, the UofSC SNAP-Ed team is also partnering with the SC Food Policy Council to provide statewide networking opportunities and capacity-building support.

Interested in starting a Food Policy Council in your community?

Please complete this brief interest form and we will contact you with information about forming a Food Policy Council.


This opportunity is open to individuals and groups throughout South Carolina interested in forming Food Policy Councils to increase access to healthy eating within their communities.