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The purpose of the SC Food Policy Council is to advance the consumption and production of healthy foods in South Carolina through education and strategic policy planning. The Board of Directors is currently comprised of individuals from across the state working in the broader food system. We recognize the history and present nature of SC's food system and food policies are incredibly complex and have presented innumerable challenges in ensuring access to quality food. Improvement to our policies and practices must be made so we can move forward with intention to ensure that our food system is free from injustice and fosters health, safety, and equity for all. Our organization requires and currently lacks more broad representation that mirrors the wealth of diversity of the greater population affected by issues in the food system and we invite those who have not had a voice, historically or presently, to be included in our efforts through joining our Board of Directors.

Board members may serve up to two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms. Board members commit to participating in quarterly in-person meetings, monthly conference calls, and occasional work assignments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be virtual until it is safe to meet in person. 

Apply to join the SC Food Policy Council Board of Directors

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